buy me a rose lyrics I have enjoyed practicing as an architect for over 35 years. Included in the ARCHITECTURE menu above are thumbnails of many of the projects I have worked on at numerous firms in Minnesota, Missouri and Florida. I have detailed many buildings throughout the country for hurricane, seismic, or terrorist force protection. I have won design awards for some of my projects.

where can i buy dapoxetine I also hope you enjoy my brief philosophy below:



The size of a detail has to be appropriate to the viewing distance. The parts of a structure that are within reach and contact with occupants should impart the most articulation and delight.



Shapes and patterns engage the analytical mind, seduce our powers of discovery, imparting dynamic or quiet energy to the experience of spaces traversed.


Light is the most important component impacting visitors to, and occupants of, a place. Light when reflected from a surface makes us aware of its existence. Controlling the intensity of that light focuses attention on particular points of the architecture.

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As all cosmetics are not suitable for every face, style and periods of architecture are the make-up and wardrobe of edifices. As a Pluralist, the solution should match the personality of the user, and the ensemble of the surrounding community. In progress to the profession, abstracted references, to periods and styles, allow more opportunity for expression than literal copying of existing buildings.

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Accommodate the vast system and occupant requirements, that support man’s endeavors. Provide a durable envelope that expresses the client’s poetic vision and meets his budget.


Conserve energy and resources, avoiding damage to the environment during construction or demise.


The experience of design and building should be exciting for the client, their staff and public.

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